Hamburger Helper - As part of a 2010 competition, General Mills sought out new creative and sustainable ways to package its products. Along with this, they wanted new surface designs and rebranding. One of their requirements was to eliminate the exterior cardboard box and use a type of flexible packaging instead.


The solution is a plastic (PET) thermoformed tray that reduces space and weight while being easy to recycle. The tray also functions as a measuring cup to conserve water for washing and to ease the user experience. The tray is sealed with a foil laminate that has cooking directions printed on it. Lastly, the outer layer is a printed shrink wrapped label that is recyclable. Shipping and stocking is also made easier since the trays are shipped in the same box as the shelf display. Simply remove the protective clear wrap and place on shelf. Aside from removing handling costs, this increases the products shelf presence and distinguishes the flavors.


Group Project: Blythe York, Amanda Stempin, Sandra Turner, and Leah Mutchler
What I Did: Logo, Identity, Package Design, Conceptualization, and Sketching

Photography by Will Styer